Clinical Site Contracting

Our experienced, multi-lingual team will start site contract and budget negotiations as soon as your first site is selected – because we understand you have internal milestones to meet, and therefore the sooner we start, the sooner you will be on your way to meeting those milestones.


Using your contract/budget templates, your negotiation parameters and even your SOPs, our negotiators will work with your chosen trial sites and investigators transparently, fairly, and promptly, to ensure you have your site contracts when you need them. 


Our expert team possess the knowledge and skills to negotiate site contracts and budgets in over 40 countries, and are trained to problem solve independently and work through issues with trial sites and investigators, thereby minimising escalations, while respecting your negotiation expectations.

By partnering with Triacle you can be assured you are working with the right people, delivering the right results in the right way.

Consultancy / Functional Outsourcing

In addition to our core service of site contract negotiation, Triacle can provide expert advice on site contracts and budgets on a consultancy basis or if you have a short term need for dedicted contract negotiation staff either based in your office or working remotely, Triacle can help.  

Advisory Board / Speaker Agreements

Our core expertise is in negotiating site contracts and budgets for clinical trials.  However, we have significant expereince in preparing and negotiating other agreements for clinical study advisory boards, data safety review committees, national coordinator agreements and many other associated clinical study contracts.  Please contacts us for details of how we can help.



Who We Are & What We Do

Triacle was established over 10 years ago with the sole purpose of streamlining site contract negotiations. We’ve grown over that period into a pan-European organization with dedicated people, systems and processes tailored to each client and their trial sites.
With our own contract management software,library of site contract language and benchmark budget tools and using our sponsors negotiation guidelines, we ensure site contracts are finalised efficiently and cost effectively.

Why choose Triacle?

A 2019 CentreWatch1 survey highlighted the top 2 reasons for delays in site performance as “Budget negotiation and approval” and “Contract negotiation and approval”. This survey is from the site’s perspective, but most sponsor companies will recognise the issue. So, what can we do to improve the process, reduce delays and get sites enrolling patients quicker?

At the heart of good site contract and budget negotiations is a clear understanding from both sides of what they want right from the outset.

Having a team of dedicated multilingual experts in site contract development, negotiation and execution on your side ensures that site contracts are completed on time and do not become the rate
limiting step.

What We’re Able to Achieve

Triacle recently executed 80 site contracts for a complex Phase III study, across nine European countries. On average, contracts were executed 62 days in advance of ethics committee and regulatory approvals.

In the words of one of our clients: "In 2014, we were looking at options for site contract negotiations... we contracted TCS to provide negotiation support for a small study to see how this might work,... and within months, close to 90% of all our site contract negotiations were directed to TCS (with a small number with a full service clinical CRO).... Since outsourcing site contract negotiations to TCS, quality of contracts submitted for QC has vastly improved, negotiation times are faster and study teams and sites are happier. In summary, TCS deliver the site contracting support we need."


We are proud to announce that in January 2017, after careful vetting by Goldman Sachs and Oxford University, TCS was one of just 70 UK companies selected to participate in the Goldman Sachs Small Business Programme - a programme designed to provide high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of high-growth small businesses



What is driving the trend in “Functional Outsourcing”?

By outsourcing their R&D functions, pharmaceutical companies continually reshape the drug development services industry. These service providers have grown from just a few companies providing limited clinical trial services to big multinationals offering a wide range of services “from soup to nuts” and hoping to capture entire programmes with claimed efficiencies.  However, these giant service providers can lose site of the overall goal of quick and reliable service to all their clients, big or small.

Many sponsor companies are therefore looking to specialist providers to ensure that critical elements of their study get the focus they need.  For example, medical writing of protocols and CSRs, specialist statistical functions and study start-up functions.

Typically, the rate limiting within study start-up has been site contracts.  Triacle’s team of dedicated contract specialists regularly exceed client expectations in quality and time to completion.

If site contracts are proving to be your study’s rate limiting step, contact Triacle at


The increasingly complexity demanded by emerging oncology treatments, and the clinical studies that are required to gain approvals, is creating significant challenges right from the outset of studies. The total number of procedures per protocol has increased by 62% in the last 10 years, increasing the complexity and cost of studies (Clinical Leader: Dec 28th, 2017).

But the equation is not as simple as more procedures = more budget.  The complexity of study design can generate a nightmare schedule of events from which a budget needs to be built, and built in such a way that both the site and sponsor know how much the overall budget will be.  Not only that, but the budget needs to be as clear and simple as possible to avoid further issues when it comes to invoicing for work done.

All of this complexity can lead to prolonged budget negotiations and delays getting sites started.  Having a team of experienced site contract negotiators who understand all the intricacies of these challenging protocols saves overall study budget and gets sites open on time.

To discuss how the team at Triacle can get your study off to the best possible start email us at



Barcelona was the venue for the Clinical Trials Europe conference this year and 2019 saw an increased interest in Triacle's site contract management solutions.  Everyone who stopped at the Triacle booth described the familiar situation of site contract negotiations causing them headaches and delays to starting their clinical studies.  Of course Triacle will be helping many of them solve those issues next time, so a very successful few days in Spain all round.

Helene Buckley participated in the panel discussion "Defining your sourcing strategy and what factors should be considered” which took place at the Clinical Trials Europe conference in Barcelona this November. Helene addressed the hybrid outsourcing model and how to get the best from specialist vendors like Triacle.



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